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For many landowners, this is your first opportunity to consider wind energy as an additional source of income. Harnessing the power of wind and transforming it into usable energy is a fairly simple 6 step process which can lead to real money for you and your family. To learn more about the development process, you can read more here.   

How wind energy works

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    across tall WINDMILLS to turn the blades of huge turbines.

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    which spin generators to create electricity.

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    A transformer increases the voltage to send electricity to ...

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    distribution lines. then local transformers reduce the voltage ...

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    for you and your home

Why South Texas?

South Texas has extraordinary load growth, meaning an extraordinary high need for electricity in the area. This growth is driven by a growing population as well as the concentrated presence of the petrochemical, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and hydrocarbon industries.

We are seeing continued growth of tech sector, commercial, and industrial demand for renewable energy from the South Texas region. This gives our land owners further assurance of long-term viability of these power plants.

Traditional, thermal generation plants (called “old energy” plants) are declining in operations and aging rapidly. Older plants are less reliable and drive up electricity costs to South Texas consumers and businesses.

South Texas wind and solar resources generally have more high-value hours, i.e. where energy is produced more reliably during summer afternoon hours than resources in other parts of the state, driving up royalties to our landowners.

Other parts of Texas, such as West Texas, have so many projects in the area that transmission lines are filled to capacity. This leads to more events of volatility and congestion in West Texas and the Panhandle, which makes those power sources less reliable. South Texas does not have this volatility thereby further increasing profitability to our landowners.

The impact on the environment affecting livestock, ranching, hunting, and fishing is low in the area of non-coastal South Texas where Bordas is active.


Why should I sign with Bordas?

Why should I sign with Bordas?

Bordas Renewable Energy is the only company that focuses 100% on renewable energy projects in South Texas. Bordas has been working in this area of South Texas since 2008 and has been by far the most successful company to develop renewable energy projects in this area. We have a laser-like attention to finding creative ways to forward our project portfolio in South Texas. We also have utilized the same development team that has been successfully leading the company since 2008 and that consistency has bred trust locally as well as established an unprecedented track record of success. Because of all of the above, you should feel completely comfortable that Bordas understands your needs as a landowner and will ensure that your wind or solar project is successfully developed and completed.

How much land does a wind energy project require?

How much land does a wind energy project require?

Wind turbines typically take up only 3% (and as little as 1%) of a property's surface area. The wind turbines are very spread out in order to minimize interference and, as such, you can ranch or farm right up to the area surround the wind turbine foundation. This means that over 97% of a property's surface area remains available for other complimentary land uses, such as ranching, hunting, and farming.

How much land does a solar energy project require?

How much land does a solar energy project require?

A typical utility-scale solar project requires between 7 - 10 acres per megawatt (MW) of nameplate capacity. Solar projects are very consolidated on a ranch but typically utilize most of the land where the panels are actually located.

How much money can I make if wind turbines are installed on my ranch?

How much money can I make if wind turbines are installed on my ranch?

The amount of money made from a wind turbine in South Texas can vary depending upon a number of factors, primarily how windy the area is and how much money is paid for the power produced by each wind turbine. Based on its experience in South Texas, Bordas estimates that a typical wind turbine can be expected to produce $15,000 - $20,000 per year in royalty revenue for a participating landowner.

How does leasing my land for wind turbines affect hunting?

How does leasing my land for wind turbines affect hunting?

No, once installed, wind turbines will not affect your ability to continue to lease your property out for hunting. You can continue all normal activities, including hunting, on your property once the wind turbines are actually installed. For safety concerns, Bordas does ask that you cease hunting activities only during the 4 - 7 month, one-time construction period for the wind energy project (if that construction period even affects hunting season).

Do wind turbines make a lot of noise?

Do wind turbines make a lot of noise?

Modern-day, utility-scale wind turbines are very quiet during normal operation. Many people say that the sound of a wind turbine is only about as loud as an everyday refrigerator. The background sound of the wind itself, in fact, will often mask any sounds that might be produced by the operating wind turbines (especially because the wind turbines only run when the wind is actually blowing).